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Winter Group Exhibition 2017/18

04/11/2017 to 27/04/2018

Our Winter Group Exhibition has now sold over 60 pieces and we continue to get new work in from artists.

Seren Bell & Zoe Taylor 2018

12/05/2018 to 02/06/2018

An exhibition of landcspaes and creatures with sculpture by Sallie Wakley.

Seren studied Fine Art at Exeter University before settling in Wales in the early 1980s. Her intricate pen and ink work could easily be described as ‘realism’ but the structure of her compositions give her paintings a somewhat unique surreal edge. She has become one of the longest standing exhibitors at the gallery which is testament to her talent in creating timeless paintings.

Zoë was born in the Midlands and is a self-taught artist who works from a small studio in Worcestershire. Whilst she has always painted, she has only started exhibiting in recent years and has gained a large following wherever she has shown her work. Her landscapes are inspired by many visits across Wales and down to South Pembrokeshire.

I put these two painters together for a joint show because they sit so well together on the wall. They both have very muted colour palettes and they both capture similar essences of the Welsh landscape and its weather but their approach to painting is like yin and yang. Sometimes two people with very detailed work can fight each other on the wall as can two with very low detail, expressive type work. These two painters are like complimentary opposites - Richard Braine

Nigel Wood Solo Show & Summer Group Exhibition 2018

23/06/2018 to 14/07/2018

A changing exhibition of new work from the gallery artists in the upper gallery and a solo exhibition for Nigel Wood on the ground floor.

Since completing his training in 1984, Nigel has exhibited his work widely in solo, touring and group exhibitions throughout Britain and overseas.
His paintings have featured in exhibitions at: The National Portrait Gallery, The Royal College of Art Gallery, The Mall Galleries, Aberdeen Art Gallery,
Galerie beim Roten Turm, Germany, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea and in art fairs in Britain, Europe, America and Australia.

"I strive to create meditative interpretations of the surreal beauty I find in nature… to reflect a sense of the atmosphere of a place; the subtle nuances and rich textures that suggest both the seen and unseen elements. Each piece is built up gradually over time with a series of opaque layers and transparent glazes on either a gesso panel or a stretched canvas. There is a quiet intensity to the whole process and my hope is that I can create for the viewer a poetic, soulful presence in each piece."

Tywi Valley Arts Trail & Andrew Douglas-Forbes 2018

20/07/2018 to 10/08/2018

An exhibition featuring work from all 36 of the Tywi Valley Arts Trail artists with a special focus on the paintings of Andrew Douglas-Forbes.

Alastair Elkes-Jones & Martin Llewellyn 2018

14/09/2018 to 06/10/2018

Alastair Elkes-Jones was born in Llangollen in 1942 and spent his childhood and formative years in the industrial and rural climate of North Wales. Since 1971 he has lived on the South Wales coast working at his studio in Mumbles. Painting has been a life long pursuit unencumbered by formal training. His inspiration is found in the imagery of rural and coastal South Wales, the mountainous landscapes of North Wales, and the people who live and work there.

Martin was born in Neath in South Wales in 1963. A completely self-taught painter, he takes his inspiration from the dramatic coastline and landscape of his native land. Although beginning as a watercolour painter he has, in recent years, discovered the dramatic possibilities of working in oils with a palette knife. Influenced by painters such as Charles Wyatt Warren, Gwilym Prichard and Sir Kyffin Williams both in terms of technique and subject matter, his preferred inspiration being the landscape of Snowdonia, Anglesey and the dramatic Pembrokeshire coastline. He is now one of the most highly collected artists in Wales

Mike Jones Solo Show 2018

20/10/2018 to 10/11/2018

'Works On Paper'

Born in 1941, Mike is a prolific artist who takes inspiration from the Welsh culture in which he grew up and is heavily influenced by the lives of the people and places of the valley .His subject matter is drawn from his observations both past and present.

Brought up in the mining community of Godre`r-graig his images reflect the hard living conditions that his family and neighbours often had to endure. Paintings and drawings of women scrubbing steps, baking, hanging out washing, or simply sitting sharing a quiet moment with the onlooker, contrast with the granite figures of men who worked in the thriving steel and coal industries, yet both convey the individuality and richness of their lives.

Winter Group Show 2018/19

17/11/2018 to 31/01/2019

A changing exhibition of new work from the gallery artists.

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